Another Photo to Painting

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Here is just another photo that I was asked to turn into a piece of art!

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New Piece

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Title: Urbane Love
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Price: $100 Original
Size: 36 x 48
Artist: Jason Roane

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It's Finished... It's Sold!

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1st Friday Art Walk!!

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Happens every month from June - December.

So now it's August's turn. Happening tomorrow night starting at 7pm. Visit all the galleries & studios located in the downtown Richmond area.

And after you visit the usual.. Visit the best. US!

Like Water...


A work in progress continues...

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New Site

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Happy Customers!!!

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This is a piece I did for Otis & Tracy.... they moved from Michigan (go BLUE!!) and asked me at my show in June if I could create an homage to their home state. Being the huge sports fan that I am, I was glad to oblige. They wanted the famous "D" from the Detroit Tigers (baseball) and their 4 favorite local athletes: Barry Sanders, Steve Yzerman, Isiah Thomas, and Alan Trammell. This was extremely fun to do! I love to see people touched by one of my creations! It feels great!

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Inside the studio

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Opening Nite at the Studio

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I am proud and beaming with admiration for my wife! I know that the opening of this yoga studio/ art gallery is both of ours but I have seen her light up with an energy and a joy that I havent seen in a while! I know that this endeavor will be a great part of our lives! The studio will be a part of 1st Friday Art Walk and if you get a chance to swing through feel free to do so! Peace~

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Piece in the works...

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This is my latest commission piece for another customer! She has requested that it be a picture of her in the style that I did the Big Pun piece. The Pun piece was inspired by Chuck Close who had a great eye for detail. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

Grand Opening

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Like Water...
is having it Grand Opening this Friday @ 7pm. Come by and support.
312 Brook Rd
Richmond VA 23220


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"AWAKEN" was not only the title of my show but also the state of mind I was in heading into the show. It refers to waking your mind to what art is, what you perceive it to be and what it could be. Its on a solid piece of wood and has a nice gloss to it. It was the only graffiti piece in the show but I plan on putting out many more pieces that are expressive like this one. This is one of my favorite pieces in the show.

Price: $90.00



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I LOVE painting shoes!( well I love painting but that besides the point.) For fifty of them thangs I can take a pair of shoes that you own you know like ones that you like but arent the right color or dont go with everything, etc. and WE can collaborate on the design!! As for the two in this picture the one on the left is brotha with his antennae flowing throughout the shoe. His locs extend on both sides of the shoe. I added brown on the straps and on the toe of the shoe. On the right is the rebel dixie with the African colors combined with the flag of ignorance. Red, black and green are the colors respectively on the straps. Originally these AIR Meadows were all white including the straps. In this show I focused more on painting and 2d works but in future shows I will have more than just two shoes!!
$50.00 or I can create whatever you like!


HOPE... that B&$%#!

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The woman you see in this picture is named Hope. This whole piece came about from a joke my wife and I had about hope. She's in one of the worst bars I have ever seen and to me this how the whole hope thing happens; in your lowest here comes a busted ass skank whom you pen everything on...... The rest as they say is history. And also before you in this painting.




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This is the eternal struggle which lies in me and also many others. While one side of you wants to run, the other is more cautious. You could look at the black as hair or as sand in which I do. To me this makes the struggle more dynamic and more dramatic. I think this one is pretty straightforward.



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I think this piece is very raw and edgy;have told me they think its very soft and inviting. I also think that this is one piece that is appreciated better up close. Her emotions could vary and be everything from her accepting love or even her dealing with grief. i think this is universal and speaks to people. I found myself doing that frequently before this show.




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Hopefully you can see the woman in this piece if not of if you choose to ignore her oh well. But she lost, taken, and completely engulfed in....? Whatever that is well, its up to you.



First Friday show cont...

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This was my first show since college and I would like to extend love and thanks to all those who helped support me in the past and currently. i found myself trying to come up with more universal pieces in this show, which is kind of good and bad. I doubt if I will give such consideration in the future. I plan on doin another one before the year is over!! So this is exclusive gather the press, give me like 200 mics in front of me for this monumental statement!!

My brotha from another mother Z holding me down.

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Art show at the Richmond Main Library 6/5/09

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Thank you to everyone that can by opening nite! Remember the show is schedule to continue to run through the month of June! So go see it!!!


Summer Art Show!!!!!!!!!!

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Where: Richmond Main Library101 E. Franklin St 2nd Floor
Richmond, VA 23219
When: Friday, June 5, 7:00PM

Please come out and support my artworks. Works will be open for viewing the entire month of June. The show opens 1st Friday in June.
We will be there Friday... so we hope you will be too.Hope you enjoy!


Free Art

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Free art is something that runs through my body. Check out the fun art for the kids... This was at my daughter's birthday party. Sun don't chill.........

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Chill'n in the hottest

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Chill'n in one of the HOTTEST ink shows around sparked a mega artistic drive within me. The style was freedom, but with a hint of the ghetto in all of us. I enjoyed myself & I will be returning for some ink. Atlanta is very inspiring and gave me an instant vibe as soon as I got there. I used to hear and see everyone flocking there and wonder why but after going and granted I was only there a couple of days I see the reason! Seeing and meeting so many black people greeting and prospering I am hooked as well. Yes I drank the Kool-Aid as well. It was red, black, and green.

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Analysis of Judah (SOLD)

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Judah was a tag name I started for myself obviously.. Being the anal brotha that I am I researched a lil first ..... I may get on some MF DOOM and give myself like ten or twenty different names! Just go with how I'm feeling at the moment! I liked to think of myself at the time as if I was in an experiment just being created. Go from there............



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This massive trojan was constrcuted for my senior project. You can guess where I went(VSU) ! He stood(kneeled) over 7 and half feet and was too big to get out of the room! live and learn right??? pencil wire skeleton welded together, paper mache over cardboard that was bent to attach to the skeleton. I made this and didnt spend a dime! Just parts from around the room. I made it back in 2003 and looking back he was huge!

This sculpture is made of bronze and was exactly how I was feelin. The chains (yes they are chains) are something I think everyone can relate to. especially my people; need I say more???